St. Matthews Baptist Weekday Preschool and Parents Day Out has been a part of the ministry of St. Matthews Baptist Church for many years. We love preschoolers and their families. There is a real sense of care and community at this church and school. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child and provide a happy environment in which each child can grow.

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Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will begin in January.

In-house registration will open January 18, 2022. 

Prospective student registration will open January 25, 2022.

There is a wait list for our Tues/Thurs  and Mon/Wed PDO. We still have availability in Preschool.

PDO Registration Fee is $75.00/student
PS Registration Fee is $150.00/student

Please choose the link that applies to the student you are enrolling:

2022-2023 School Calendar


You can always locate our calendar on the bottom of the Programs & Pricing page.

 Please note that we will resume school from Fall Break on Tuesday, October 4th.


Continue to watch here for updates and information.

Thank You!

We appreciate all of our families – previous and current – who have

participated in our programs over the years.

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  • Existing Families with New Students should use this link
  • Choose 2021-2022 School Year


  • Login to your account
  • Under Enrollment, choose Re-Enrollment
  • Check all students that will be returning next school year


Please note that we currently have a Wait List for our Monday/Wednesday AND Tuesday/Thursday PDO classes.

Call our office at 502-992-9000 to learn about other available options.

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Philosophy of Education

We believe that St. Matthews Baptist Weekday Preschool and Parents Day Out shall provide a happy environment in which the child may grow …

Physically – We help each child participate in a variety of motor activities to improve muscular coordination and fine motor skills. We establish desirable health habits and teach the child to know and follow the simple rules of safety.

Socially – Children learn through play. They learn to share and work together. We encourage them to respect personal and property rights of others. We aim to develop attitudes of kindness, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness towards others. We expect children to accept appropriate individual and social responsibility in their groups; we believe this to be essential in establishing relationships with peers and adults.

Mentally – We feel children have the right to be children, and we will not push them into areas and experiences for which they are not ready. At the same time, we want children to stretch their thought processes and their imaginations. We try to broaden their range of interests, and help them grow in their ability to concentrate. We urge them to express themselves through language, music, and art experiences. We encourage the development of listening skills.

Emotionally – We keep our classes small so we can know each child. We try to understand the needs of each child and help them grow in self-confidence as they learn to become more independent. Any information you can offer your child’s teacher will be helpful and appreciated.

Spiritually – Our goal is for each child in our program to grow in the knowledge of God and God’s love. We model God’s love in our actions with other people, and we teach about God through Bible stories and prayer.




Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community.

Thank you for your interest in our programs. The foundation we lay for our children in the educational and social components of their lives is so important in their overall development. 

Not only do we invite you to learn more about our programs, but our church as well. The foundations of our programs is based on the foundation of our wonderful church. If you would like more information on the church, please click the following link.

Ms. Missey McMillan

St. Matthews Baptist Weekday Preschool & Parents Day Out

3515 Grandview Avenue, Louisville KY 40207

(502) 992-9000



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